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Banish those communication barriers and jump-start your team’s thought leadership.

Here are some of the implementation and customization services we provide:

Fast Feedback

Correlate product teams with forthright feedback from your customers and enhance all programs, products, and campaigns.

Spread & Inspire

Create and share your polls instantly and benchmark exciting new ideas.

Unbiased Roaming

Conspire knowledge, files, and data no matter the time-frame or location.

Act On All Updates

Track your team and critical projects in the mobile feed and act on updates instantly.

Data Migration

Migrate all data from your legacy CRM system into Salesforce Chatter.

Process Automation

Setup and automate your most commonly processes throughout each team inside Salesforce Chatter.


We’ve integrated over 250 service apps into Salesforce Chatter. We’ll help you do the same.

Reports and Dashboards

Be in the know with custom reports and dashboards designed specifically for your business needs.

Salesforce Chatter

Connect your team with the network they need to branch out and further your company growth.

Face it, things get busy and internal communications tend to give mixed signals. Salesforce Chatter helps provide a full suite of collaboration tools for your team to reach all ends of the spectrum within your business. Cloud Nerd helps you jump right into these benefits smoothly by fully securing and optimizing your Salesforce Chatter implementation needs while keeping your team well endowed on all that is Chatter knowledge.




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